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Christmas Dec 21

Saturday, December 21st. The Third Week of Advent where we are celebrating JOY.


"Great is your faithfulness! Yahweh is my portion, I tell myself, therefore I will hope." LAMENTATIONS 3:23–24 RSV

The great phrase here is “Yahweh is my portion,” a quote from the Torah. Centuries earlier the Lord had said it, and Levi had accepted it (Deut. 10:9; Num. 18:20). . . . The ancient phrase had been handed down through generations, held onto tenaciously through the worst of troubles.

The people knew there was a communion with a merciful God that could not be lost because it could not be touched by the dislocations of external circumstance. The chaos and darkness of suffering become first-day light. “Yahweh’s mercy is surely not at an end, nor is his pity exhausted. It is new every morning. Great is your faithfulness!”

(Eugene Peterson, Five Smooth Stones)

This devotional is taken from Jesus, Light of the World and is available to download for free" target="_blank">here.

Otherwise, enjoy it here.

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