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Welcome to Community Classes

with the Institute of Christian Impact!

Community Classes have been designed to meet the needs of everyday living. These courses are free of charge and you do not need to be an enrolled student in the Institute. Courses may be taken for personal enjoyment or for a course certificate upon completion. Classes are conducted once a week (usually on a week night) and last between 4-8 weeks (depending on subject). They are held in local churches, homes, and business offices around the city.

Up coming Community Classes include:

Kingdom Living Discipleship Training Level 1

This is the first level of discipleship training in a series of 5 levels. It begins with level 1: Basic Training and proceeds through to level 5: Leadership Training. The series is designed to walk a person through the process of salvation to being a leader and multiplying disciple. This class may be taken on your own in a self-paced format or you can participate in live web classes or even live /mentored classes in El Paso or Juarez. Don't wait! Begin growing deeper in your walk with the Lord!

New Testament Survey

This is your chance to gain a better understanding of the New Testament. This is a 17 week course that covers all the books of the New Testament. Overviews, historical events and cultural themes are explored. Most importantly, the Word of God is put into context with an opportunity for personal application to life. This course is done in conjunction with  the Institute of Christian Impact and Emmanuel Caribbean University and is available only at specific times. 

Community House of Prayer Training

Community Houses of Prayer is about training and involving Christ's disciples in strategic prayer outreach. Four areas of ministry are woven into the work of outreach: lifestyle evangelism, strategic prayer, personal spiritual renewal, and spiritual warfare. This course will help to mobilize Christ's disciples around the world where God has providentially placed them to reach others through the intimacy and instrumentality of strategic prayer. 

Hearing the Voice of God

Is it possible to actually hear God’s voice? Can anyone be taught to hear? This course teaches individuals exactly how they can hear God’s voice. The course is 4 weeks in length. Students need a Bible and notebook for note taking / journaling. Other class material is provided

Spiritual Warfare

There seems to be a growing level of darkness in our nation. Occultism is on the rise. Satanism is more prevalent in society. Wicca and witchcraft are more acceptable. False teachers seem to be filling many churches. Want to learn the truth about spiritual warfare? Angels, demons, are they real? How does the believer actually engage in spiritual warfare? This class will change how you view everyday life.

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*NOTE: All classes are currently held in the El Paso area.


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