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Timeless Prayer is a ministry to encourage believers to use the power of prayer to network and change the world's spiritual atmosphere.The goal is to multiply prayer by using modern day media.

If you need prayer or want to join in prayer, This is the place!

Live Prayer

Timeless Prayer Network provides a live feed when they pray for prayer requests. Every Tuesday at 7 pm (Eastern Standard Time), a live feed from Facebook is available for prayer and prayer requests. This is a great time to interact and pray with others for the needs of believers all over the world. Requests may be sent in at other times. These will also be prayed over during the live feed.

Prayer Requests

If you have a prayer request, please connect with the Timeless Prayer Network on Facebook and message your request to Timeless Prayer directors, Jym and Maureen. They will make sure your request is brought before other to be prayed for.

I Don't Use Facebook! What Now?

If you do not use Facebook, please fill out the form below and send us your prayer request. It will be shared with the Timeless Prayer Network and prayed for by your brothers and sisters in Christ.


Email Address*

Prayer Request*

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