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The Pirates for Christ is one of the most asked for group from the Big Heads. Formerly the crew of Captain Pat (a Big Head), this band of pirates now included Captain Hook & Smee and even on occasion, Captain Jack Sparrow. Extremely interactive with action and live music, the Pirates can do events from parades, to VBS, to all kinds of special events.

Judah the Lion

Judah is the main, heroic character of the Big Heads; the face of the group. Many of our shows are specifically about the travels and adventures Judah has. Judah serves as a role model for children. He is strong, courageous, and stands up for truth and righteousness.

Bacca the Purple Wookie

Bacca is a wookie from Star Wars planet of Kashyyk. However, he is not like other wookies for he is purple. He has been mistaken for a monster from Sesame Street. He growls and howls, but doesn't talk much. He does have a universal translating machine which he has been known to use on occasion. Don't let his size scare you. He is well like by children and is known for his hugs.

Kokomo the Parrot

While Kokomo is a parrot, he believes himself to be a chicken-hawk. Friendly and funny, Kokomo's favorite activity is teaching a crowd to do the chicken dance. Kokomo's biggest flaw is his selfishness. Like a preschooler, he has a tendency to want all things and make them his. His favorite catch phrase is "MINE!" Fortunately, Kokomo is always working on this aspect of character and his ability to give and share.

Captain Pat O'Reilly

the Irish Pirate

Capt. Pat is a long time friend to Judah the Lion. He tries to sound piraty, but his Irish accent doesn't always cooperate. Like all pirates, Capt. Pat has a crazy past life. However, his tale of restoration is inspiring as he reminds people about what is truly a great treasure. Capt. Pat can be seen with the Big Heads as well as with his own pirate crew.

Maxx the Dog

Maxx is a our "not-so-intelligent" dog. Sweet and lovable...not so bright. He loves playing games with kids. His favorite is the howl game. It seems that Maxx never learned to bark well and children are always helping him with his bark. Because of his loyalty and willingness to do anything, Maxx has appeared in many "specials" including being an "reindeer" for Christmas and a "scurvy dog" for Capt. Pat's pirate crew.

Willie the Wabbit

Willy is rascally rabbit (Or should we say, "wascally wabbit"). He loves surprises and likes to play tricks on kids. Once, he even threw "Trix" cereal on a crowd. Willy loves playing the Easter Bunny as he sees it as impersonating a famous person. His personal heroes include Bugs Bunny and Roger Rabbit. So now, you can sit back and imagine what he might do at a party with party favors, food and hyper children.


Melchior, Balthazar, and Gaspar are our newest Big Heads and ready for the Christmas season.

They bring their testimony of their famous journey of following a star, they show the gifts they brought for a special king, and they tell of discovering the true meaning of Christmas.

Santa Claus and his Elves

Not everyone in a city is Santa friendly. There's a lot of reasons for that: cultural, religious, etc. However, this Santa is a Big Head! Santa, like all our characters, stays in that realm of fun imagination and helps us share the more true meaning of Christmas without getting into debates. The Big Heads do regular Christmas shoes and this Santa with his elfish helpers also set up for pictures throughout the Christmas season.

The Grinch and an occasional Who

What would the holidays be without the Grinch? Our Grinch is a new addition, first being seen by 3200 kids in our Juarez Christmas Outreaches in 2016.

He was so popular, that we decided to bring him on as a regular part of the Big Heads. His heart may be 3 sizes larger, but he can still be a little mischievous.


The Big Heads also do some "other" not so "Big Heady" type of events. Every Halloween, the Big Head team does a themed style event.

In 2015, the event was "Wilma Wonka and Chocolate Oompa Loompa Cave" In 2014, the Big Heads were used for Halloween event, "Ghostbusters" In 2013, the team did a Gypsy Scavenger Hunt, in 2012, "The Mine Shaft" and in 2011 was the "Labyrinth." 2016 featured a mash up of Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter meets Slimer and the Ghostbusters. Future events include a Star Wars Adventure Academy and a Trip to Oz. Capt. Pat's pirate crew have also participated in various event around town. If you've got an idea, we'd love to hear from you!

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