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Approximately 85% of people in North America will most likely not walk into a conventional church. Therefore, we are planting and building non-traditional, missional communities throughout El Paso and the world. These fellowships might be House Churches, Houses of Prayer, or Community Fellowship gatherings. Visit our Fellowships page to learn more.

(Note: We are not anti-church. As a missionary movement, we work best in planting house churches and other similar ministries while working with local churches within our communities. Some of our missionaries are pastoring or planting traditional churches)

Institute of Christian Impact

We believe in developing future leaders and ministers to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Through the Institute of Christian Impact (ICI), we have a 3 year, apprenticeship program to train and develop men and women to be ministers of the Gospel. This program is also available in Juarez, Mexico. ICI offers Diploma of Ministry, several certificate programs and training for ministry licensing. ICI is also in a partnership with Emmanuel Caribbean University in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Timeless Prayer Network

Timeless Prayer is a ministry to encourage believers to use the power of prayer to network and change the world's spiritual atmosphere.The goal is to multiply prayer by using modern day media. If you need prayer or want to join in prayer, check out Timeless Prayer Network!

World Missions

We believe in taking the Gospel around the world. Specializing in discipleship training and evangelism, Christian Impact missionaries have been to over a dozen nations. The need is is great, the opportunities are greater. Now is the time to impact the world. See about our World Mission Teams for short term opportunities.

Pastoral Care & Pastoral Counseling

Whether it is a wedding or a funeral, hospital or a home visitations, the staff of the CIM seeks to help people as their need arises. Biblical, pastoral counseling is also available for anyone seeking guidance from the Scriptures. 

The Big Heads

The Big Heads is a special group of life size characters with a larger-than-life attitudes. They are able to do special outreaches in the US and Mexico, such as evangelism, VBS, church events, street performances, holiday performances, visitations...virtually anything. Visit the Big Heads for more information.    

Juarez Outreach Ministries

CIM conducts various outreaches throughout Juarez. These outreaches are conducted with local churches to help promote growth and to see the Kingdom of God expanded. CIM participates in helping to feed children in poverty in various comedores (feeding ministries) throughout Juarez. We also have a children's home in Juarez (Casa Hogar) as well as involvement in other children's home with various other ministries. This includes volunteer teaching time, donating food, helping with construction, and providing ministry to homes in Juarez. 

The Juarez Children's Christmas Outreach

Every December, CIM goes to some of the most poverty stricken areas of Juarez to reach out to children who may not have a Christmas. CIM produces a special outreach where children and families see a Big Head show, receive food, ministry and a clear Gospel message. Every child leaves with a Christmas gift and candy.

Father's Heart - a Compassion Ministry

Father's Heart is a compassion ministry that aids in distributing donated items and food to people in need. The ministry will accept any donations - clothing, appliances, furniture, food, etc. The donations are processed in ministry centers where goods can be given to others in the poverty areas of Juarez, or to people in need in El Paso, or supplied to other ministries across the world.  

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