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Our Christian Impact Team

Missionaries, Associates, and Apprentices

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Kelly & Kendra Blanton


Kelly & Kendra Blanton began Christian Impact Ministries out of a college outreach in West Texas in 1996. It quickly led him into youth ministry, where he ministered to students from Jr. High to College, as well as training area youth pastors and planting student ministries across West Texas. In 2003, Kelly moved to the Appalachians to minister within the mountains of southwestern Virginia and southern West Virginia. Then in 2010, they returned to Texas with an emphasis in international mission work and discipleship training for future ministers. It was during this time that Christian Impact developed into the ministry it is today.  Kelly's experience includes 30 years of ministry experience, a Bachelor of Arts from Angelo State University, a Master of Ministry from Trinity Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry from Mount Carmel Institute of Biblical Studies. Kelly also serves as the Director of Post Graduate Studies for Emmanuel Caribbean University in Montego Bay, Jamaica. With an emphasis on what he calls "presence-based discipleship," Kelly desires to see a spiritual awakening and revolution occur in the lives of a lost generation.

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Jonathan & Katrina Perkins


Feeling a call from the Lord, Jonathan came to Christian Impact as a student in the Institute of Christian Impact. Originally from Abilene, Texas, he has previous experience working in various church capacities including youth and children and in conducting retreats. Jonathan graduated from the Institute of Christian Impact in 2014. Katrina left her home in Bluefield, WV, where she served as a youth leader and director, to traveled across the country to El Paso, TX to be an apprentice in the Institute of Christian Impact. Katrina graduated in summer of 2016 with a Diploma in Ministry. Both Jonathan and Katrina received their ministry license from Christian Impact Ministries. After years of friendship and working with each other in the ministry, Jonathan and Katrina were married in October of 2020. Both desire to work in missions, church planting, and discipleship around the world with Christian Impact.

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Jym & Maureen Winberg


With a heart for missions, Jym & Maureen Winberg join Christian Impact from their home in Martinsburg, WV. As licensed ministers with the International Pentecostal Holiness Church, they served as missionaries in the Coffee House Ministry in Belgium, as well as several other short-term trips. Following trips to Bolivia and Mexico, Jym & Maureen decided to join the ministry of Christian Impact and seek to impact the nations of the world. Jym and Maureen also direct the ministry, Timeless Prayer Network, which encourages believers to join together and change spiritual atmospheres through prayer.

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Randall & Tina Partridge


Randall and Tina are graduates of the FIRE School of Ministry and have been serving with the World Outreach Center of Concord, NC by ministering to the people of Juarez, Mexico for the past 15 years. They now direct Father's Heart Ministry, which receives and processes donations. Each week they distribute food and supplies to churches, several orphanages and children's feeding programs. They also coordinate outreaches and organize the annual Children's Christmas Outreach where thousands receive a Christmas gift and the Gospel. Their hearts to impact and transform people's lives with the power of the Gospel message is leading them to new and creative ways of reaching Juarez for Christ.

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John Blake


For over 25 years, John & Lisa served as ordained ministers in the Foursquare Gospel Church, both as pastors and church planters. John is received his Bachelor's degree from the University of Texas at Tyler, and is a graduate of Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas. John has participated in missions to Colombia and Mexico, and began a training institute for training Hispanics in a bilingual format. For the past several years, John has left the pastorate to minister within the justice system. As John joins Christian Impact, they seek to impact the community of Ruidoso, NM, as well as play a role in missions training for ministry to Mexico.

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Simon Oliver


Simon is a licensed missionary with Christian Impact and is currently working to establish a Christian Impact in England, England. He has been an international evangelist for many years, traveling to the United States, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Greece, and Turkey. Simon is married to Emma and has 4 beautiful children.

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Crystal King


Crystal received her Diploma of Ministry with the Institute of Christian Impact and received her ministry license with Christian Impact in 2024. She pastors Wildfire Global Church, in Abilene, TX, and directs the only black Gospel radio station in the Abilene area. Crystal has a heart for evangelistic work and conducts revivals, student retreats, and a hospital ministry. She is married to husband, David King, and has a son, Sebastian.

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Nava Cesar

Associate Missionary

Cesar began working with Christian Impact as a translator in the school of ministry in Juarez. Cesar developed in his discipleship and completed the Certificate of Christian Leadership with the Institute of Christian Impact. Cesar now holds an associate missionary/minister license with Christian Impact and is striving to fulfill his calling in making disciples of the nations.

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Ron Kelley

Associate Missionary

Ron and Lori have over 20 years of pastoral experience. They previously pastored Family of Hope Assembly of God Church in Horizon City for just over 10 years. Ron holds a Bachelor degree from Brockport State University and is a graduate from Berean Bible Institute. Ron joined CIM with a heart to reach people for Christ outside of a traditional context. Today, Ron and Lori have retired and are RV traveling across the country. 

Armando Hernandez

Apprentice / Associate Member

Armando joined the Institute of Christian Impact in the Fall of 2018 and is an apprentice in the ministry program. Armando has been around ministry leadership for years and has a heart for house churches.

Joshua Ontiveros

Apprentice / Associate Member

Joshua joined the Institute of Christian Impact in the Fall of 2018 and is an apprentice in the ministry program. Joshua is seeking God's calling for his life and desires to make an impact with people.

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