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The Apprenticeship Program -  Available in English & Spanish

Christian Impact Ministries offers training and educational opportunities through its ministry, The Institute of Christian Impact. Focusing on developing future missionaries/ministers, the Institute of Christian Impact has developed programs in practical training and ministry through assigned mentors as well as a focus on biblical studies and the development of spiritual disciplines. The training includes one-on-one mentorship, traditional classes, and self-study components. 

All programs are available in both English and Spanish.

Download our Apprenticeship Program Guide for more information.

Programs include:

Diploma of Ministry 

This is a full-time, 3 year, intensive apprenticeship program that aims in training for missionaries, pastors, or ministers.  Graduates are eligible for ministry licensing with Christian Impact Ministries.

Certificate of Discipleship  

The Certificate of Discipleship is a program open to anyone who wishes to complete the entire discipleship series of Christian Impact Ministries. The entire process requires a mentor and weekly classes/meetings.

Certificate of Biblical Studies  

The Certificate of Biblical Studies is geared to educate students in the Bible. The student will cover the entire Bible in this course of program through reading, answering questions, memorizing scripture passages, writing papers, and taking quizzes. Students must also complete the series over the biblical discipleship process.

Students who complete the discipleship process and only the New Testament studies may receive the Certificate of New Testament Studies.

Certificate of Christian Leadership  

The Certificate of Christian Leadership is a program geared for pastors, assistant pastors, worship pastor or others in an active, ministry leadership positions (other experienced adults) who wish for eligibility in ministry licensing with Christian Impact Ministries. 

Other Study Options


Community Classes - Available in English

Community Classes have been designed to meet the needs of everyday living. These courses are open to anyone in the El Paso community. You do not need to be an enrolled student in the Institute. Courses may be taken for personal enjoyment or for a course certificate upon completion. For our current offerings to the community see:

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