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Christmas Dec 12

Thursday, December 12th. The Second Week of Advent where we are celebrating PEACE.


"By this we know that He abides in us, by the Spirit whom He has given us." 1 JOHN 3:24

When the Holy Spirit comes into you at your invitation, you receive as much of Him as you will ever have. You do not get a little bit of Him then a little bit more at later experiences. Why is it, then, that He seems to get us in pieces? He comes to us unconditionally, while we surrender to Him conditionally.

We give Him our Sundays but not our Mondays.

We give Him our actions but not our attitudes.

We give Him our relationships but not our reputations.

We give Him our time but not our thoughts.

We give Him our burdens but not our bodies.

We give Him our prayers but not our pleasures.

We give Him our crises but not our children.

We give Him our health but not our hearts.

Would you drop the conditions and give Him all of you?

(Anne Graham Lotz, Just Give Me Jesus)

This devotional is taken from Jesus, Light of the World and is available to download for free" target="_blank"> here.

Otherwise, enjoy it here.

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