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Praying for the Nations

This week's prayer for the nations will focus on the nation of MONGOLIA.

All information was taken from Operation World. Additional information on for this country is here.



Continent: Asia

Capital City: Ulaan Baatar

Government: Parliamentary

Population: 3,068,243

Major People Groups: Khalkh 81.9%, Kazak 3.8%, Dorvod 2.7%, Bayad 2.1%, Buryat-Bouriates 1.7%, Zakhchin 1.2%, Dariganga 1%, Uriankhai 1%, other 4.6%

Religion: Buddhist 53%, Muslim 3%, Shamanist 2.9%, Christian 2.2%, other 0.4%, Non 38.6%

Language: Khalkha, Mongolian

GDP Per Capita: $12,600

Literacy Rate: 98.4%



  • Pray for effective leadership training accessible by those in remote areas.

  • Pray for more leaders to disciple new believers in culturally appropriate ways.

  • Pray for liberation from shamanistic and occult practices through Jesus Christ.

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