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Praying for the Nations

This week's prayer for the nations will focus on the nation of ISRAEL.

All information was taken from Operation World. Additional information on for this country is here.



Continent: Asia

Capital City: Jerusalem

Government: Parliamentary Democracy

Population: 8,299,706

Major People Groups: Jewish 74.7%,

non-Jewish (mostly Arab) 25.2%

Religion: Jewish 74.7%, Muslim 17.7%, Christian 2%, Druze 1.6%, other 4%

Language: Hebrew, Arabic, English

GDP Per Capita: $36,200

Literacy Rate: 97.8%



  • Pray for the Body of Christ in Israel to be strong and unwavering amid persecution and hardship.

  • Pray for the Jewish people to call on the name of Yeshua the Messiah.

  • Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

  • (Psalm 122:6)

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