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Praying for the Nations

This week's prayer for the nations will focus on the nation of GUYANA.

All information was taken from Operation World. Additional information on for this country is here.



Continent: South America

Capital City: Georgetown

Government: Republic

Population: 737,718

Major People Groups: East Indian 39.8%,

black (African) 29.3%, mixed 19.9%, Amerindian 10.5%, other 0.5%

Religion: Protestant 34.8%, Hindu 24.8%,

Roman Catholic 7.1%, Muslim 6.8%,

Jehovah's Witness 1.3%, Rastafarian 0.5%,

other Christian 17.7%, other 0.9%, none 3.1%

Language: English, Guyanese Creole,

Amerindian languages, Indian languages, Chinese

GDP Per Capita: $8,300

Literacy Rate: 88.5%



  • Pray for healing of racial tensions through the love of Jesus Christ.

  • Pray for Christians to stand firm on the pure Gospel, untainted by former practices.

  • Pray for more Christian radio and television in languages of the people.

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