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Praying for the Nations

This week's prayer for the nations will focus on the nation of GRENADA.

All information was taken from Operation World. Additional information on for this country is here.



Continent: North America

Capital City: St. George

Government: Republic

Population: 111,724

Major People Groups: African descent 82.4%,

mixed 13.3%, East Indian 2.2%, other 1.3%,

unspecified 0.9%

Religion: Protestant 49.2%, Roman Catholic 36%, Jehovah's Witness 1.2%, Rastafarian 1.2%, other 5.5%, none 5.7%, unspecified 1.3%

Language: English, French Patois

GDP Per Capita: $14,700

Literacy Rate: 95%



  • Pray for a fresh move of the Spirit, replacing nominalism with vibrant faith and Great Commission vision.

  • Pray for a new generation of godly men to lead their families and nation.

  • Pray for Gospel Truth to bring freedom from sexual promiscuity, drugs, Rastafarianism, and spiritism.

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