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THANK YOU for checking out this page about THE KINGDOM LIVING discipleship training! You are here because someone who cares for you, gave you this link. We pray that you take up the challenge to grow in your faith and walk with God as never before. A new adventure in life awaits!

This is the first level of discipleship training. The audio is from a student discipleship retreat in 2008, however, it is still a good match for the discipleship manual. We hope you enjoy and grow deeper in your walk with the Lord.

Kingdom Living Training Level 1 (The Encounter) pdf

Audio mp3's:

Lesson 1            Lesson 5

Lesson 2            Lesson 6

Lesson 3            Lesson 7

Lesson 4            Lesson 8

If you are interested in receiving a certificate of completion for the entire discipleship series, please contact us. We can tell you what needs to be done and how to complete the entire discipleship series and receive a certificate, all free of charge.

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