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Praying for the Nations

This week's prayer for the nations will focus on the nation of TANZANIA.

All information was taken from Operation World. Additional information on for this country is here.



Continent: Africa

Capital City: Dar es Salaam

Government: Republic

Population: 53,950,935

Major People Groups: Bantu peoples 86.3%,

Swahili 7.8%, Nilotic 2.2%, Cushitic 1.7%, Khoisan 0.3%, other 1.7%

Religion: Christian 54.07%, Muslim 31.20%,

Ethno 12.97%, Hindu 0.90%, Baha'i 0.43%, Non 0.40%

Language: Swahili, English

GDP Per Capita: $3,300

Literacy Rate: 77.9%



  • Pray for emphatic Biblical teaching in the churches that will, in turn, impact other spheres of society (i.e. poverty, witchcraft, radical Islam).

  • Pray for trained, mature Christian leaders who will be able to evangelize the unreached in a predominantly rural nation.

  • Pray for more effective Bible translation teams and initiatives.

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